Bronx has been providing coil processing solutions to the market place for over sixty years. The key to our ongoing success is offering our customers a total package, from equipment design and supply, technology and process knowledge, through to assistance in market planning. Our Galvanizing and Colour Coating Lines are operating in over 45 countries. With over 30 references worldwide for Galvanizing Lines and 45 for Colour Coating Lines, our reputation for producing quality lines is the reason our customers choose Bronx. Bronx’s experience and engineering expertise give us the flexibility and know how to supply process lines and equipment, tailored to the needs of our customers.


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Galvanizing Lines

Bronx International supplies both NOF and Wet Flux continuous galvanizing lines, all producing a high quality product for many applications.

Both zinc and zinc / aluminium coating lines are offered. Bronx has been manufacturing galvanizing lines since 1975 and has over thirty references world wide. Galvanizing experience and expertise gained over this time allows Bronx to offer cost effective process lines from 40,000 tonnes pa.

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Colour Coating Lines

Bronx International has been manufacturing Colour Coating Lines since 1970 and has over 45 references worldwide. We supply a range of lines from entry level stop / start lines through to fully continuous high speed lines.

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Coating Control & Pot Equipment

Bronx International is a leading designer and builder of coating control and pot equipment for continuous galvanizing lines. Bronx coating control equipment has been installed as original equipment on new lines and retrofits on many existing lines.

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Roll Coater Machines

Bronx International designs and manufactures a range of high quality Coil Roll Coater Machines designed to meet specific customer requirements.

A number of configurations are offered by Bronx International. These include: 'S' Wrap; 'C' Wrap; 'U' Wrap; Horizontal and Vertical Paint and Chemical Coaters.

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Agency Lines

Bronx Process Technologies s.r.o.  (a subsidiary of Bronx International) is a distributor for a number of highly regarded products used in the coil processing industry.  DJH Designs, Inc is a market leader in design and supply of precision machines used for quality control and increased productivity in the coil processing industry. These include: the Strip-lok™ Portable Strip Joiner; Crater Dry Film Build Thickness Measurement System; Mek Rub Test Machine and ‘DJH view’ Digital Imaging & Measurement Software.

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Cut to Length Lines

Bronx produces accurate Cut to Length and Blanking Lines with the assistance of  a computerised precision leveller.

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Slitting Lines

Bronx designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of precision Slitting Lines for processing ferrous and non ferrous materials, which can be seen in major steel works and service centres throughout the world.

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Coil Transporting

Our coil handling and transporting system is designed to remove small coils from the recoiler quickly and transport all coils to packaging in either bore vertical or bore horizontal, without any damage to the coils.

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Strip Joiner

The Bronx Strip Joiner is very robust in design, providing the capacity to join thicknesses up to 2 mm and widths to 1550 mm.

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Tension Level Lines

Bronx International designs and builds tension levellers that can be part of a dedicated tension level line or can be retrofitted to existing process lines. Bronx lines are built for line speeds to 300 mpm, thicknesses 0.15 mm to 3.0 mm, and widths to 1830 mm.

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